The Crisis

There’s no getting around it: Academic performance in Georgia isn’t where it needs to be. Go to the site and get 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung at our casino. Limited supply Too many of our students never graduate high school — and too many of those who do graduate aren’t ready for college or the workplace. Georgia needs consistent, rigorous academic standards that prepare our students for college and give them the skills they need to compete in our global economy from the day they enter kindergarten. Hurry up and start winning with 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung at our casino. Limited supply!

Kids Affected

More than 1.6 million students are currently enrolled in Georgia’s public schools.

Graduate on Time

Georgia is ranked the 45th state in the percent of students with an on-time high school graduation rate.

Ready for College

Only 23% of graduating students are ready across math, English, reading & science. The University System of Georgia spends $22 million on remedial education annually.

Ready for Careers

Three in 5 jobs will require some level of post-secondary training by 2020.  Only 42% of Georgia’s adult population meets this requirement.

Reading Readiness

Only 34% of Georgia 4th graders now read on a proficient level.

Global Competition – Reading

The U.S. ranks 20th out of 65 countries.  We trail such countries as Norway, France, Vietnam, and Estonia.

Math Readiness

Only 29% of Georgia 8th graders are now on a proficient level in math.

Global Competition – Math

The U.S. ranks 30th out of 65 countries in math.  We trail such countries as China, Canada, Korea, Italy, Slovenia, and Latvia.

The Solution

In 2009, Georgia led a coalition of 47 states to create a new set of consistent, rigorous K-12 standards in reading, writing and math.  Georgia has been implementing this voluntary framework since 2010 — raising the bar on student achievement while preserving flexibility and autonomy for local schools and teachers.  Learn more about the standards through resources for Parents, Educators, and Employers provided here.

What Can You Do?

You are your children’s first and most important teacher.  You compliment and underline the work done in the classroom.  You should work in concert with what is being taught there.  It is important you understand this critical issue.  We encourage you to educate yourself and fellow parents and family members.

Resources for Parents

What Can You Do?

Your voice is critical to this discussion.  You prepare our students for success in the classroom – and in life.  Teachers are teaching to the higher standards and are seeing results.

Resources for Educators

What Can You Do?

You have a vested interest in Georgia’s students – after all, you’ll be hiring them in the future. The higher standards we – as a state – have adopted increase both the rigor and relevance taught in the classroom and improve student performance and achievement.  Better standards today mean a better workforce tomorrow.

Resources for Employers

Take Action

Photo: Speaking at the Coalition’s press conference launch February 5, 2014, Georgia’s 2008 Teacher of the Year, Emily Jennette, explained why, from a teacher’s perspective, implementation of higher standards is right for our state.

News & Resources

About the Coalition

Go to our website and get dice and roll free. Hurry up to go and start winning. The Better Standards coalition is directed by the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education and the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and represents thousands of parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, school boards, employers, community leaders and others who support higher standards in Georgia.  Members meet regularly to coordinate the education of their stakeholders on this critical issue and conduct outreach to policymakers and the public.  Meet them now.