What Is Sic Bo? And How To Play It?

If you love to gamble, then sic bo is the game that you must try. Sic bo, also called three die, is a dice game that is played both online and offline. Sic bo online games typically allow you to play against a live dealer, who is legitimate and regulated. This page will help you understand what Sic Bo is, how to play this game wisely, and provide you with a huge selection of free Sic Bo games.

What Are The Rules Of Sic Bo?

The objective of the sic bo strategies is to select a set of numbers that will add up to nine. The payout depends on how many numbers you match, with three being the minimum and 31 being the maximum. The player can purchase a single bet or multiple bets, with bets ranging in size from one cent to $500 per number.  

This means that players should choose roughly equal-sized bets if they want to maximize their return on investment. The primary wager is made before a player can look at the results of the three dice, though they can adjust their bet while looking at each die as it gets turned over.

Types Of Bets

A sic bo is a Chinese game. You can play the sic bo game by betting on one or more of these types of bets: the total, a sum of two dice, a single die, three dice, six dice, and so forth. Sic bo is one of the most popular gambling games in Macau and is widely played on the floors at many Macau casinos.

Big Or Small

Big or small bets are the actual bet type where you decide the size of your bet, where big bets give a higher win but only when winning and smaller bets give smaller wins but also keep playing when losing.

Odd Or Even

Odd or Even bets are made on the number of dice remaining in the sic bo game after removing one die. Players must bet whether the outcome will be odd or even, but the number of dice which remain behind will always make it an even number.

Specific Doubles

Specific Doubles bets are typically a set of specific numbers that players choose. A player will be paid when their specific numbers are selected randomly by the machine, or if they match with any of the winning combinations in a sic bo game. These types of bets are popular with players because they allow them to have a say in what they believe is going to happen next, based on their knowledge or experience.

Specific Triples

Specific Triples bet is a bet on exactly three numbers, betting against another player in the sic bo game. If one of those specific 3 numbers hits you win. If all 3 numbers hit, you win even more.

Three Dice Total

Three dice total bet, the main bets in sic bo. The player chooses one of seven winning numbers, betting on either high and low or odd/even. When satisfied with the value of these bets, the dealer gives dummy dice to the player, who shakes them and throws them onto the table. If one of these dice lands on any number on which he has a stake, his winnings are counted by his banker.

Tips To Win

Sic bo is a popular Chinese game. There are many ways of playing the sic bo game. You can play sic bo online and enjoy the excitement. If you want to know more about things in Sic bo, refer to this article, it can provide you with some useful tips to help you win in sic bo free play for fun online.

Look For The Best Payout

If the payout is not good, you’d better think twice before going for that particular game. Why would you risk your hard-earned money on a game where you are not assured of winning? If you need to know more about the payout rate for each gambling site, you can visit our website and check out their respective payout table.

Read The Rules Of The Game

If you are just beginning to sic bo free play for fun online you should learn the rules of the sic bo strategies. And if you want to be a successful player, you must know how to sic bo free play for fun in detail. Once you understand how to play the game, you are in an advantageous position to win money.

Understanding The Odds

Understanding the odds of winning in play sic bo online is difficult due to different rules among casinos and the fact that things like buy-in, bet amounts, and sic bo strategies can vary widely depending on the casino you choose. If you want to understand what plays work best for you then you should experiment with different bets, amounts, and tables until you find a game that suits your playing style.

Choose A Credible Online Casino Site

If you are looking for an online casino that can translate into a good experience, try to check the reputation of the site first. Look for several reviews from various sites, including those from professional online gambling magazines. If possible, avoid joining sites that have no history or scam alerts from players who have lost their money on the site.

Sic Bo Bets And Payouts

To achieve a winning result at the sic bo table, you need to place a bet that will not only increase your chance of winning but also give you a higher payout. In other words, you want to choose bets that have the highest chances of winning and lower amounts if losing. Keep in mind that players with higher stakes will win less often than players with lower stakes but at much better payouts.


To come up with a winning sic bo strategies you don’t have to be a big online sic bo player. Some people would even say that they could win in sic bo free play for fun online without even studying the game at all.

The best thing that you could do is to study the game exhaustively and learn all possible rules or patterns involved in the sic bo strategies. The only way to enter a tournament and make it a grand slam is by learning how each of these three dice rolls affects the outcome.

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